Accounting Services

Accounting Services

You Handle Bills and Deposits—We’ll Pull It All Together for You!

At the end of every month we have created a simple process for you to get us the information we need to process your work. We offer you the ability to scan and email statements and reports or simply mail them to us in prepaid envelopes which we provide. We also are often able to pull statements directly from banks and credit card companies on your behalf. We want to make this as easy as possible for you. The less time you spend on a scavenger hunt looking for information is more time that you can spend doing more productive things.

For one affordable fixed fee we will provide you with the following benefits each month:

Financial Reports

  • Balance Sheet – A statement of assets and liabilities
  • Operating Statement – Profit & Loss statement for the month, the year to date, and comparisons to prior periods as well as a 12 month rolling average.
  • Bank Account Reconciliations – All of your business bank accounts reconciled with the statements issued by the bank. Any adjustments or mistakes are reported to you.
  • Credit Card Reconciliations – All credit cards reconciled with the statements issued by the credit card companies.

Business Guidance and Advice

  • We are a team of seasoned professionals with a keen interest in improving your business. Let us put our experience to work for you.
  • Meetings and phone calls whenever you need to discuss an important business or tax matter. Often we initiate the meeting or call but we are also prepared to answer your calls or sit down with you whenever you need us.
  • We review the financial condition of your business each month and can render advice when you need it. No need for us to “get up to speed” each time you need advice.
  • We are available year around. We don’t take the summers off after tax season.

Tax Planning, Preparation and Filing

  • We will handle all Federal and State business tax filings on your behalf. Your corporate tax returns, annual renewals, sales tax returns, and additional filings.
  • We will meet with you at least twice a year to do tax planning.
  • We strive to minimize your tax liability and allow you to take advantage of all the tax deductions and credits that are available to you.
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